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USB Cable for Magic Pie III and Smart Pie Kits

USB Programming Cable for Magic Pie III & Smart Pie kit controllers.

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Câble de programmation USB Goldenmotor Zoom

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Product Description


This programming cable gets connected on the USB port of your computer. It enables you to adjust your controller according to your needs to get a unique electric bike.

You just need to connect the cable on the controller on one side and on the USB plug of your computer on the other side. You launch the programming software, make your adjustments and save them.

List of the parameters 

  - Max amperage : 30A max, this enables to adjust the maximum power of the motor
  - Tension of the battery : 24v, 36v, 48v max, by default
  - Throttle : 0 to 100% for soft starts
  - Reverse (if the kit is connected correctly)
  - Braking regeneration : 0 to 100% for a progressive braking
  - Power : low, medium, high for an adapted assistance

Software to download :

This accessory is covered for 1 year (12 months) from the purchase date.

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