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36v 10Ah Li-ion Heat shrink battery

Battery Lithium Lifepo4 36v 10Ah in heat shrink cover for your electric bike.

This battery is compatible with the Balade, Smart Pie, Magic Pie kit or any controller in 36V.

Can be used as replacement on your Electric Assisted Cycle.

Delivered with internal BMS and charger 3A.

Battery characteristics

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Product Description


This Lithium Lifepo4 36v 10Ah battery is equipped with a BMS for a perfect handling of the charge and discharge.

It is protected in a supple heat shrink cover. This battery can be put into a top case or a bag. 

Battery characteristics

  • Battery of 36V (43,8V in full charge)
  • Technology LiFePO4
  • Without maintenance
  • Electronic regulation (BMS) 
  • Delivered with charger 36V 3A
  • Lifespan : 1500 cycles 

Use Instructions
Download the Batteries Use Guide

Lifespan of more than 1500 cycles. Temperature range from -20°C to +55°C.

These batteries are environment friendly, they do not contain any toxic component (approval CE / RoHS / SGS).

Safer, with charge and discharge regulation with the BMS. No risk of fire or explosion in case the units are damaged.

This battery is covered for 1 year (12 months) from the purchase date.

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