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Transformez votre vélo en vélo électrique

So many choices

Vélo électrique

More than 500 references

Electric motors from 250w to 1000w and even more, Lithium-ion batteries, controllers, waterproof connectors, accessories...

A team

Vélo électrique

6 qualified employees

Mechanics, engineers, sales and marketing departement, our team offers the best of the electric kit.

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Vélo électrique

Storage, workshop

500 m2 of storahe, 100 m2 of workshop, showroom and offices

After-sales service

Vélo électrique

For motors and batteries

Our team is able to diagnose and repair all the electric components of your bike.

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BBS - LCD display C965

Regular Price: €89.00


BBS - LCD display C965

Regular Price: €89.00


Why should I buy an electric bike ?

Electric bikes enable you to get around for 20 times less money than a car. With a speed of about 25km/h (and up to 50km/h on private roads), you can save much time with your everyday trips. With our Lithium-ion batteries for electric bikes up to 21Ah, electric bikes can reach more than 100km !

You can find electric MTB, electric hybrid bikes or electric city bikes.

The E-bike becomes an economic and environment-friendly alternative to the traditional means of transport. For many people, it replaces the second vehicle of the household for an everyday use. Many equipments enable to use the E-bike all year round, whatever the weather.

Electric kits for bikes

Another alternative : set up your own electric kit for bike. You will have a hand-made E-bike. You choose the bike you'd like to motorise and we recommend the type of electric motor for bike and a Lithium-ion battery depending on your use and your needs. MTB lovers may choose to make their own electric MTB for an intensive use. You choose your speed, the power you need, the autonomy, you set up the electric motor on your bike and you transform it into an E-bike..

Setting up an electric motor for bike is accessible to any non-professional bike rider. Videos and guides online will help you to set up your motor in a few hours. You can also choose to leave your bike at Cycloboost in Bordeaux.

Lithium-ion batteries for E-bikes

If your choose your electric motor for bike, you will also choose your Lithium-ion battery. Many models are available in our large range of Lithium-ion batteries, from 24 volts, 36 volts or 48 volts, we have the power you need, from 10Ah, 15Ah or 20Ah depending on the autonomy you need. You will likely find the Lithium-ion battery which corresponds to your project.

If you already own an E-bike and you'd like to replace your old battery, note that most of our Lithium-ion batteries are compatible with your E-bike !

Electric scooters

Cycloboost also offers a range of electric scooters with a model for a MTB use, a model for the wity. They will enable you to get around with no effort or for a cross-country use. Easy to handle and silent, they will easily travel for miles quickly. Their speed varies from 25 to 35km/h depending on the model you've chosen.

Electric trailers

for all globe-trotters, Cycloboost also offers electric bike trailers. The electric motor for bike and the Lithium-ion battery are directly integrated in the trailer. Carry between 35 and 45kg of luggage in a waterproof bag from 100 to 145L. Whatever the weight of your luggage, our electric bike trailers are equipped with electric motors for powerful E-bikes. They push the trailer, the bike and the driver.

With efficient pedalling assistance, an electric bike trailer can follow you for a hundred kilometers without failing. Travelling by bike becomes a real pleasure.

Bike trailers

Since 2013, Cycloboost owns the brand Aevon Trailers, single-wheel top-range bike trailers.

Designed in Germany, these bike trailers are ideal for bicycle touring, MTB, long trips around the world. Thanks to the fixing system on the seat post, driving the single-wheel bike trailer becomes a real pleasure and the trailer follows you everywhere, on road or MTB tracks.