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PVC Lithium-ion battery 48v15ah (charger 3A)

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Product Description


Cellules Lithium

New generation components

Lihium only !

All our batteries are Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are very light, efficient with a great lifespan.

They are THE solution to supply energy to your bikes and electric kits.

Light as a feather

A very good ratio weight/performance

Lithium batteries are light AND efficient. Despite their sizes, they keep in store a lot of energy to go farther with the utmost confort.

Batterie Lithium


A reliable technology

and a great lifespan

The lifespan of a Lithium battery is 800 complete cycles*. Beyond that, the performances are lower in terms of power and autonomy but the battery will still function.

Compared to old generation batteries with Lead or Nimh, Lithium batteries last 2 or 3 times longer so you can cycle for thousands of miles.

Safety during the charge and the discharge

For your confort, the electronic card (BMS) of the battery takes care of everything : during both charge and discharge, the BMS checks and cuts the power to protect the internal components and guarantee a greater lifespan of the battery.

* in normal use conditions. See the recommendations of the use guides.

A charger

To charge easily and quickly

The charger is delivered with the battery with the right connexions. On each battery you'll find 2x plugs : one plug for the charge and another plug for the discharge.

The use of the charger is extra simple : you plug one side to the battery and the other side to the mains (220v).

No need to check the charge

The charger will stop when the battery is charged.

Chargeur de Batterie PVC

De longs trajets

A pleasant autonomy...

...for nice strolls !

In normal use (city 50% / tracks 50%), you can cycle about 4km with only 1 Ah, which means 40km for a 10Ah battery.

Can I go farther ?

If you pedal to assist the motor and if you speed up progressively, you can easily double your autonomy, and even more if you manage your power efficiently. After a few charges and a few kms, it will come naturally.

Emplacement Batterie

A heat-shrink protection

Designed for made to measure configurations

Heat-shrink batteries are light and powerful. The weight and the shape enable to adapt the battery easily in 1 a Top Case, 2 a rear bag or a backpack for a cross country use with a MTB. It is ideal for personalized setups.

Bikes with a triangular frame

If you have a bike with a triangular frame like a hybrid bike, you can put an Additive bag inside 3 the frame to slide in the battery. In terms of driving and weight balance, it's the ideal solution. The Additive bag is conceived so it won't disturb you when you pedal.

I already have an electric bike

Is it compatible with my motor ?

It is possible to replace your old battery with a Lithium battery from Cycloboost. You just need to respect the same tension. If you had a 24v battery, you'll have to choose a 24v battery etc.

How do I plug it ?

You get Anderson connectors that you can set up on your controller. Then you can plug directly the new battery from Cycloboost.

The new heat-shrink battery can be set up in 1 a Top Case or in 2 a rear bag.

You can also send us your equipment so we can make the modification in our specialized workshop.

Remplacement Batterie

Technical information

Description technique

Complete characteristics (.pdf)



Downloadable documents

Guarantee and After sale

Garantie & Sav


This product is under warranty for one year (12 months) from the purchase date provided it has been used according to the recommendations (see our General Conditions of Sale).

There is no warranty for the wear and tear pieces such as bearings, cables, rims, spokes, connectors, fuses, sheath, tires, brake pads etc.

Before using your kit and your battery, carefully read the Use Recommendations as well as the Use Guides.

Your product does not work properly ?

No stress !

Before anything else, check the connections as well as the level of charge of your battery (see the Use Guide).

If the failure remains, you can open an after-sales service file directly from your customer account section After sales service follow-up) on our website. Click here to see the connexion procedure to your customer account.

Don't hesitate to contact the after-sales service for any question regarding the return of the material. No return will be accepted without preliminary consent with a return number to put on your parcel.

The returns must be done by the customer with insurance. Cycloboost is not responsible for any damage caused during the shipment. The products damaged can not be refunded.

How to return a product ?

Easy as pie

You just need to send a request to our Technical Team by opening a file directly from your customer account (section After-sales Service follow-up) on our website. Click here to see the connexion procedure de connexion to your customer account.

Our technical team will provide you a return number (RMA) to write on your parcel.

No return will be accepted without preliminary consent with a return number to put on your parcel.

The returns must be done by the customer with insurance. Cycloboost is not responsible for any damaged caused during the shipment. The products damaged can not be refunded.

Reminder !

Keep the original packaging of your product for an exchange or a refund. Your product must be returned as good as new : complete, no scratch, clean !

Cycloboost is not responsible for any damaged caused during the shipment. The products damaged can not be refunded.

Les produits d'occasion ne sont ni repris ni échangés.


Livraison & tarifs

Delivery and preparation of the orders

The delivery of an order includes the preparation (72h00 max) AND the shipment (from 2 to 5 days) for metropolitan France.

Preparation of your parcel :

The preparation delays of your parcels are 72h maximum after your order has been paid for on our website and provided the article is in store.

This delay can vary according to the product requested (especially for bikes, scooters and trailers). For more details, you need to check the description of each article.

In case of payment by check, the delivery delay will depend on the time needed to cash the check. This can take 10 days and is added to the preparation delay of the order.

The shipment of your order

According to your order, we will choose the most suitable mode of transport :

For order of less than 30kg and standard dimension (one kit and/or one battery), the forwarder is GLS. The delivery delay is generally 48h00 (72h00 max).

For bigger and heavier orders (several kits, bike, scooter...), we can use a forwarder (Geodis, DHL, Schenker...). The delivery delay is 72h00 to 5 days.

We will supply the information to help you track your parcel.

We recommend to gather your purchases in one order. We can't gather 2x distinct orders and you will need to pay the freight costs for both.

The parcels are insured andprotected.

Reception of the parcels

What should you do when you receive your parcel :

If the parcel is damaged, report it to the forwarder and clearly specify the problem on the delivery sheet : « damaged motor » or « damaged battery », « cut cable »… and refuse the parcel. The mention « damaged parcel » is not enough to get an exchange or refund.

What should you do if you notice a problem 24h00 after receiving the parcel :

Your parcel seems undamaged on the outside, but once open, you notice damaged products. Send us 3x pictures : a picture of the parcel (damaged or not), a picture of the label, a picture (or more) of the damaged part.

Contact us 48h00 after receiving your damaged parcel and transfer all the details so we can deal with it.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs include :

  • the handling of the packaging of the products
  • the cardboard box and the protection moss
  • the shipping costs to your place
  • the shipping insurance at its real cost

Prices :

  • Little accessories <500g : 9€ by GLS
  • Accessories <2kg : 12€ by GLS
  • Kit OR battery <15kg : 22€ by GLS
  • Kit AND battery, simple trailer <30kg : 32€ by GLS
  • E-trailer with kit and battery : 80€ by transporter (GEODIS, Schenker)
  • Bike or scooter or other vehicle <70kg : 80€ by transporter (Geodis, Schenker)

You can check out the freight costs on our website in the space [ Estimate shipping and tax ] from the cart.

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