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An amazing new leasure vehicle reaching 35km/h on flat road and endowed with amazing power at the start !

Its powerful motor gives real driving pleasure and enables to go for cross country  trips in the forest. Try it !

The confort and rigidity of the aluminium frame of the new EVO 2013 will please the most challenging riders. 

This scooter is reserved for leasure use on roads not open to public traffic and is authorized to circulate (at walking speed) on pavements and pedestrian areas at thanks to the optional 2-speeds control device (see the use conditions below).

Battery as an option

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Product Description


Presentation of the Evo scooter 2012 (2013 movie coming soon)


=> Other video to discover : The Bridge Race in Bordeaux


  • Manufacturer model : GLOBE 3T EVO
  • Alu 6061 T4-T6 frame, with shaped tube
  • Mechanical Avid brake, disc 180 AV and 160 AR
  • Ground clearance 15 cm at the heel 17cm at the front
  • Fork EBR double T mechanical with progressive spring
  • Top range motorbike upright handlebar in aluminium, French manufacture
  • FRONT motorbike wheel 17’ (22’ in MTB language) 28 spokes, new machined hub
  • REAR wheel with Magic Pie 3 motor of 20"
  • FRONT motorbike tyre, highly resistant to abrasion in 17"x 2,50 (22" bike size)
  • Handlebar endpiece in aluminium to answer the safety norms
  • Maximum weight tolerance : 100kg
  • Internal controller
  • Magic Pie 3 motor with waterproof connectors
  • Thumb throttle
  • Cruise control
  • Power cut brakes
  • Max power 1500w 
  • Max speed (on flat road) : 35km/h
  • Weight (without battery) : 22kg


This scooter can be equipped with the 'pedestrian mode' (optional). This accessory, connected to the controller, enables you to circulate on pavements and pedestrian areas at walking speed, 6km/h. This scooter is subject to the rules of the Highway Code, related to pedestrians. 

Our scooters are considered by the DSCR (Delegation for Security and Road traffic) as personal means of transport and not as vehicles, because they are not equipped with seats, have a speed limit of 6km/h and a power inferior to 4KW. 

They are not authorized on roads open to public traffic (roads, streets). 


Insurance : 

This scooter is not considered as a motorized vehicle, there is no need for a specific insurance like a car or motorbike.

However, it is necessary for the driver to have a Liability Insurance, guarantee which is usually included in the house insurance (get in touch with your insurance company). 


The kit and the scooter are covered for 1 year (12 months) from the purchase date. 

There is no guarantee for wear and tear pieces such as the tyres, bearings, cables, levers, brake pads ...

Cycloboost does not take care of the mechanical maintenance of the scooter. 

Technical information

Description technique


  • Modèle constructeur : Mushing Pro de la marque Gravity
  • Frein avant hydrauliques Tektro à disques Ø 160mm
  • Frein arrière à câble; disques Ø 160mm
  • Plateau aggripant type skateboard
  • Poids supporté maximum (données constructeur trottinette) : 100kg Avec un moteur électrique, nous déconseillons l'utilisation d'une trottinette avec un poids de + de 80kg. Le système électrique n'est pas compatible avec ce type d'utilisation.
  • Moteur Speed avec connectique étanche
  • Ecran LCD
  • Accélérateur demi-poignée
  • Contrôleur externe étanche
  • Poids (sans la batterie) : 22kg


Disponible en 2x versions

  • 36v : 400w en continu (800w max), 42N.m
  • 48v : 600w en continu (1200w max), 47N.m
  • La trottinette est proposée en 36v ou 48v pour une vitesse maximale de 25km/h (vitesse légale autorisée).
  • Si vous avez besoin de plus de puissance et de couple, préférez le modèle en 48v. Si vous roulez sur voie privée en 48v, vous pourrez débrider la vitesse pour rouler à 35km/h.



Documents téléchargeables

Certains documents techniques (format .EASM) nécessitent l'installation d'une visionneuse 3D (gratuite), voici le lien pour le téléchargement.

Guarantee and After sale

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