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Our Lithium-ion bike batteries from 24v, 36v to 48v

We offer a large range of Lithium-ion batteries to answer your projects with electric kits for bikes.

Lithium batteries have the best performance/weight ratio. They are twice lighter and more efficient than lead batteries. Their lifespan is 800 cycles of charge/discharge.

The technology of our Lithium-ion bike batteries

All our bike batteries are equipped with an electronic BMS (battery management system) which avoids any risks of overcharge or discharge. Thanks to this BMS Lithium batteries have a great lifespan. Their capacities vary from 10Ah, 15Ah or 20Ah.

Each Lithium-ion battery is delivered with its charger and connectors. The battery for E-bike has to be charged directly to the mains.

The autonomy of my bike battery

To choose your Lithium-ion battery for E-bike depending on the autonomy you need, keep in mind that the average consumption is 1Ah = 4 km

(this average was measured on a flat road with a few hills of 5% max and pedalling assistance).

If you deal with your energy consumption properly thanks to the 5 levels of assistance of the PEDELEC (available with almost all of our kits), you can easily double the autonomu and almost ride for a hundred kilometers with a simple Lithium battery of 10Ah.

Setting up your battery on your bike

Our Lithium-ion batteries can answer most of your projects of light vehicles (bike or electric MTB, electric tricycle...).

To adapt to your projects, our Lithium-ion batteries for bikes can be fixed to the frame, the rear rack of your E-bike, or be carried in a bag or a backpack.

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One-year guarantee on all our batteries

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Preamble on Lithium-ion batteries for E-bikes

The Lithium-ion battery is the source of energy which feeds the wheel motor or the middle motor of your electric bike. A bike battery is characterized by :

  • the tension in volts, it determines the power of the motor,
  • and the capacity in Amperes/hours, it determines the autonomy.

How to choose the battery of the bike ?

We will define the various criteria for the choice of a Lithium-ion battery for E-bike .

The technology

Lithium gives our bike batteries very good performances. The amount of energy stored in a Lithium-ion battery is outstanding, don't be fooled by its size !

All our Lithium-ion batteries for electric bikes are equipped with a BMS (Battery Management System), an electronic card inside the battery. It controls the charge and the discharge.

The capacity

One of the main criteria is the choice of the capacity of your Lithium-ion battery. You need to choose the capacity of the battery of your electric bike, depending on the autonomy you need. To give you an idea, 1Ah = about 4km. The sum is easy to make. A bike battery of 10Ah can reach about 40km. A Lithium-ion battery of 20Ah, reaches about 80km.
You need to determine how many kilometers you have to make to go and come back from your work for example or how many kilometers you'd like to make when you go riding with your MTB.

The voltage

Each Lithium-ion battery supplies a certain amount of volts. We offer batteries for your electric bike from 24v, 36v and up to 48v. The OffRoad rear motor accepts various voltages, from 36 to 48 volts.

  • With a battery of 36v, the speed will reach about 30km/h and the power will reach from 400w in nominal power and 800w in maximum power.
  • With a battery of 48v, the speed will reach about 40km/h and the power will reach from 600w to 1200w.
  • If you need a powerful and fast E-bike, choose a Lithium-ion battery of 48 volts. If a less powerful electric bike suits you, for the city for example, a bike battery of 36 volts will be enough.

    The space for the Lihium-ion battery of your E-bike

    • A CASE battery can be placed on your rear rack.
    • A FRAME battery or a Lithium-ion bottle battery 36v can be placed inside the frame for a professional design
    • A PVC Lithium-ion battery will find its place in your top-case or your bag. With an MTB, use a backpack to maximize the handling of your bike and avoid shocks. The PVC Lithium-ion battery is the lightest one

      • Where can I place the battery on my bike ?

If you choose an electric bike kit to set up yourself, you should choose a way to fix the battery on the bike. There are many options.

  • The first option is to set up a frame bag. This bag is waterproof and enables to place your Lithium-ion battery inside the frame safely. The width of the bag doesn't get in the way when you pedal : it doesn't touch your legs.
  • The second option if to fix your Lithium-ion battery directly in the frame. This lowers the centre of gravity for an optimal steering.
  • The third solution is to fix the bike battery directly on the rear rack. The case battery is supplied with a rack to fix on the rear rack of the bike. The main drawback of this system is that the weight of the battery is on the rear of the bike. The battery for bike may move on pebbles or paved roads.
  • Finally, you can place your bike battery in a backpack. With this system, the battery is connected to the motor with a waterproof cable, it will disconnect if you fall from the bike. The user is not disturbed with the weight of E-bike, since it stays almost as light as a classical bike (the motor only adds a few kilos). The drawback is you need to carry the battery on the back, which weighs between 4 and 6kg for the most powerful (Lithium-ion battery 48v for 1000w kits).