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UNO 100 Trailer

The UNO 100 is the road model of Aevon trailers.

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Product Description


Dedicated to cycle touring

Low-budget trailer

Same qualities and same size at the STD 100, the UNO 100 is the cheapest of the Aevon brand.

Not equipped with a shock absorber, the little one is exclusively dedicated to the road and can carry up to 100L.

However, it's an Aevon trailer, proof of its realiability and performance.

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Optional : the waterproof bag Aevon

New version

Each trailer now has its own waterproof bag, specially designed and made to adapt to different types of frames (KIT L80, UNO 100 et STD 100).

With Velcro straps, this waterproof bag will carry all your luggage.

Reinforced, handier, better adapted to each Aevon trailer, this new version answers the expectations of the most demanding globe-trotters.

Tested and approved in Ireland

Marine tested the Uno 100

'One of my friends tested it on difficult tracks when we were travelling in Ireland : he had no problem and could ride with us easily.

The volume of the load is huge, it's very pleasant to be able to pack everything you need without worrying about the space.

We feel no difference in the driving and the balance of the bike with or without the trailer, it's very surprising ! It is possible to stand up on the pedals.'

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Tested in Laos and Canada

Till and Giana tested the Uno 100

'Our trailer followed us in our most intense travels, from Canada to Laos. It is very easy to handle, practical and we appreciate the hitch under the seat post which enables to make a U-turn.

Curious about our trailer, people came to us easily. The UNO 100 makes it easy to meet people.'

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remorque velo

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